• Ellie Thomas

Nicsalt and Pod Systems - What is it and how can I use it?

2018 has been the year of the rise of Nicsalt juice and Pod systems. Nicsalt is derived from a process of extracting the natural salt in nicotine leaves, this is actually the most pure and organic method of extracting nicotine. In our normal juices we have a nicotine called Freebase, it is still made from tobacco leaves but requires a slightly different chemical process and has a different effect on inhalation, namely a harsher throat hit.

Nicsalts can be and should be vaped at lower temperatures. Most popularly they are used in Pod Devices which are small, low power devices with refillable or replaceable pods rather than coils.

Nicsalt nicshots are now available in shortfill eliquids too and in my opinion they really improve the flavour of the juice or atleast allow the flavour to shine through.

Nicsalts came on to the scene in 2017 as a Fad but they have since become more main stream and more relevant to where vaping is going. Rather than being an industry full of cloud chasers the 'stealth' cloud conscious vaper is more in evidence. We believe all ways of vaping are good but the more inclusive and accessible vaping becomes the more people will choose to quit smoking.


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