Sweet FX 50ml
  • Sweet FX 50ml

    4 incredible new sweet flavours from the makers at Sweet fx


    Bionic Bon Bon -  transforms sweet blue raspberries with a fresh blast of cooling into something quite powerful! Complex and sweet, the Bionic Bon Bon delivers the brilliant bon bon candy flavour for the futuristic vaping experience.


    Technicolour Pear Drops - Bringing out the colours of brilliantly bright bananas, and freshly picked pears come together in this vibrant candy eliquid! The Technicolour Pear Drops is good enough to be on the big screen, and delicious enough to be in your vape all day long.


    Phonetic Fruit Salad - just as delicious as it sounds! A full-on candy concoction with flourishing fruits of ruby raspberries, and freshly picked pineapples will bring out the ‘ahhhhhh’ sound after every vape.


    Lazer Sherbet - Red, blue, green, yellow; all the brilliant colours of sherbet mixed together hits your tongue like lazers! Experience a mixture of sweet candy that will leave a tang after you have vaped it. Super sharp and sweet flavours from the Lazer Sherbet.



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