Norseman 100ml
  • Norseman 100ml

    Lemon Tart - A British classic dessert, with a crumbly base, complimented with the sharp citrus overtones of lemon.


    Norsenberg - the classic aniseed fruit flavour Dark Berry Mix - dark fruits in a delicious juicy medley


    Apple and Blackcurrant On Ice - Refreshing, like the famous cordial drink on ice. 


    Berry ice - Mixed berries balanced with cool menthol.


    Tutti Frutti - A fruity explosion of strawberry, pineapple & banana. Pinkman - A mouth watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!


    Sour Candy Apple - An American hard candy, sweet and sour apples.


    Blackcurrant Lemonade - Juicy blackcurrants with a lemonade zing.


    Mixed Berry Lemonade - Beautiful summer berries mixed with refreshing lemonade.


    Vimberry - Just like the mixed berry cordial we all know and love, maximum fruitiness, sweet and sour.