Infusion Vape Co 50ml
  • Infusion Vape Co 50ml

    Co.Cola - Infusion Vape Co. has captured the essence of cola in this sweet & juicy vape. The classic flavour which has been a firm favourite all over the UK for decades is now a delicious vape that customers will love!
    Caramel Tobacco - by Infusion Vape Co. adds a touch of class to the popular flavour. We took a full-flavoured grandfather tobacco and added a hint of caramel for that extra touch of depth. The result is a rich tobacco inhale with a smooth, creamy exhale.
    Fruit Chews - Perfect for lovers of sweet, fruity e-juices, Fruity Chews by Infusion Vape Co. takes a candy base and mixes in smooth fruit flavours to give a rich, mouth-watering vape.
    Heizen Blast - Infusion Vape Co. gives the classic flavour invented by Heisenberg, the alias of the main character on the TV show Breaking Bad, a new lease of life. Bold, juicy berry flavours with added cool absinthe and sweet aniseed to round off the taste. This e-liquid has been a mainstay on shelves for years, but now it’s been given that little something extra!
    Menthol Breeze - by Infusion Vape Co. is a pure, classic menthol. Simple, clean and hugely popular, this juice is perfectly blended to achieve the correct balance of mint and sweet for a refreshingly good vape.
    Red Affair - Infusion Vape Co.’s carefully balanced blend of aniseed, berries, menthol and eucalyptus, is a perfect take on the classic e-juice flavour. This tried and tested juice is now even better and perfect for vapers who love rich, complex e-liquids.
    Strawberry Milkshake - Strawberry milkshake by Infusion Vape Co. is already a five-star rated juice and one of our best sellers. Fresh milk and a big scoop of rich ice cream blended together with juicy, ripe strawberries to give a taste like it came right out of a burger bar. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with customers! 
    Vanilla Custard - Infusion Vape Co. Vanilla Custard takes this tried and tested flavour to new heights. Rich, creamy custard which is sweet but not sickly, and with just the right amount of warm vanilla. This is an irresistibly moreish vape that customers will surely be back for time and time again.