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How to Prime your Coil

When you recieve your new vape device the most important part of the set up is priming your coil, you only need to follow these next steps when your coil is new.

The coil must be well saturated in vape liquid before it is used other wise you will dry burn your coil and it will be unusable. The most effective way to prime your coil is by applying a few drops of eliquid directly to the cotton core of the coil. Make sure the cotton is saturated and then fit the coil into the tank or pod. Before turning your device on gently blow the excess eliquid out of the coil. To do this blow gently through the mouthpiece and place a tissue by the airflow on the tank to catch any excess eliquid. When you use your device, if any eliquid spits up into your mouth simply repeat the process of blowing through the mouthpiece and catching any excess eliquid with a tissue. 

That’s it your coil is primed and ready to go!





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