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What is a Shortfill E-Liquid?

Shortfills are larger bottles of 0mg eliquid that are only filled to 80% capacity, hence the name ‘shortfills’ literally filled short. The space left in the bottle is meant for one, or two, 10ml 18mg Nicshots. These Nicshots give the vaper the option of mixing their liquid to their desired nicotine strength (most commonly 3mg). Shortfills tend to be higher in VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and more suitable for Sub-hom devices with higher power. 

How do you mix a Shortfill?

If you have bought a 50ml Shortfill you will have been left with room for one 10ml nicshot, if you have bought a 100ml Shortfill you will have been left with room for two. Empty the whole contents of the 10ml Nicshot into your Shortfill, replace the lid and shake well. By adding 1 x 18mg Nicshot to a 50ml Shortfill (shake well to mix contents) you will achieved a 3mg bottle of eliquid, add 2 x 18mg Nicshots to a 100ml Shortfill and you will achieve 3mg.  If you want to achieve 6mg in your Shortfill you would need to remove 10ml of the 0mg eliquid from the Shortfill in order to make room for the additional nicshot. Shortfills are designed to be used for lower level nicotine users (mainly 3mg users) and are not recommended for anyone using 12mg or 18mg because they will not be effective. 

Open your shortfill bottle
Add your nicotine shot
Replace nozzle, cap, and shake
Let it settle, then enjoy!

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